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Milled Lead Flashing

Roofing lead at the lowest prices online

Lead sheets have many uses in the roofing industry, including roofing material, cladding, flashing, gutters and gutter joints, and on roof parapets. Detailed lead moldings can be used as decorate motifs to fix the lead sheet. It's an easy to use, environmentally friendly option, so it's often seen used on churches and other historic buildings, homes, public buildings and factories.

How durable is lead on roofs?

Lead is not only very durable, it's also great value for money. 

Lead flashing has been known to last as long as 500 years. Its price:performance ratio over decades means its an excellent investment and comparatively better value for money than cheaper alternatives.

Which code do I need?

Rolled lead sheets are available in various thicknesses, known as codes. Each has a recommended use(s).

Code Thickness
Recommended use(s)
 Code 3
 1.32 mm
Perfect for soakers
 Code 4
 1.80 mm
Flashings, soakers, pitched valley gutters, dormers and vertical cladding
 Code 5
 2.24 mm
Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers, flashings, vertical cladding and flat roofs
 Code 6
 2.65 mm
Flashings, pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
 Code 7
 3.15 mm
Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
 Code 8  3.55 mm
Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs

Lead is sold in rolls either 3 or 6 metres lengths with a range of widths. If you need a size you can't find on our site, please feel free to contact us.

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