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Why You Should Consider Metrotiles

Monday, 21st May 2018

charcoal bond tile roofing metrotile 

Isn’t it time the UK woke up and smelt the metal, and started to think about using materials other than the traditional ‘big 3’ roof types that have covered our homes for centuries.

Already the number 1 steel roofing system in Europe, Metrotiles are slowly beginning to appear on roofs up and down the British Isles as a lighter yet more durable alternative to clay, concrete and slate.

Founded in New Zealand over 40 years ago, lightweight roofing specialist Metrotile manufacturers metal tiles in a number of different designs and colours, giving homeowners and project managers the luxury of giving their roof an appearance that is unique and interesting.

Though Metrotile and other brands like Roofart are starting to make corrugated waves in the UK, it is a mystery as to why it has taken so long for the country to seriously consider metal roofing as a reliable, long-lasting roof solution, especially when you consider the host of benefits and advantages attached to metal tiles in general.

Metal Strength

metrotile steel roofing

Metal tiles, if properly maintained, have the ability to last significantly longer than other tile types. The life span of metal tiles is known to reach 50 years and beyond as the properties of steel, as well as aluminium, makes a roof more resistant to harsh weather conditions and general wear and tear. 

The strength of steel as a material means a Metrotile roof is far more durable and secure against bad weather or petty vandalism. 

CE, ISO and BBA Certified, the reliability of Metrotiles has been subjected to a series of extreme weather tests throughout Europe and beyond, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘testing your mettle’.

Thanks to their longer lasting structure, Metrotiles provide excellent value for money as you are unlikely to have to fork out on repairing deteriorating tiles or treating leaks. For added peace of mind, all Metrotile profiles come with a 40-year weatherproof guarantee.

The enduring qualities of steel roofing is not the only way Metrotiles can save you money in both the short and long run.

Save Money Through The Roof

metrotile lightweight roofing

Another money-saving quality of Metrotile lightweight tiles is their ability to reflect heat from the sun and keep the warmth retained inside homes. This energy efficiency will inevitably save you money on energy bills in the going forward as the need to switch on the heating is reduced.

Weighing just one seventh of the mass of traditional slate and clay tiles, lightweight tiles like those from Metrotile and innovative UK brand, Tapco, are a lot easier to manoeuvre around both in transit and on work sites, meaning money will likely be saved on labour costs. Naturally, this quicker movement of material will also speed up completion time.

The lighter load will also dramatically reduce the number of vans needed for a job and therefore the amount of Co2 emissions released into the air, making Metrotiles a smart choice for both your wallet and the wider environment.

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State of the Art Production

metrotile roof tiles

The profiles of Metrotile roofing products are pressed with a minimum of 25% recycled materials while steel itself is 100% recyclable. The profiles are pressed at the company’s factory in Tongerun, Belgium and have achieved ISO14001 for its state of the art wastewater recycling system.

The array of different factory-applied finishes given to Metrotiles means the choice of colour schemes available to users is a lot wider than with most forms of traditional tile and slate.

In total, 15 different colours are available across five different profile designs at Roofinglines. Identical in performance but varied in appearance and covering capacity, the four Metrotile profiles available are Bond, Roman, Shingle and Slate & Woodshake tiles.

Here is short summary of the different product types, along with a close up look and glimpse of how they appear on a roof.

Bond Tiles

metrotiles bond tiles  metrotiles bond tiles green


Metrotile Bond tiles are almost indentical in appearance to traditional clay pantiles. When dry-fixed, Metrotile profiles are overlapped and fixed via a cross-nail method. Each tile is the equivalent of eight conventional roof tiles and may be fixed from vertical right down to a 10° pitch. Available in 6 colours with a covering capacity of 2.15 tiles per m2.


metrotiles shingles  metrotiles charcoal tiles

Metrotile Shingle profiles are versatile with the aesthetic appeal of small riven slate. Based on the classic North American timber shingle design, Metrotile shingles can double up as an a vertical cladding solution thanks to a unique hidden-fix system. Available in 5 colours with a covering capacity of 3.2 tiles per m2.


Roman Tiles

metrotiles roman tiles  metrotile roman red


Metrotile Roman tiles are designed to complement any roofing project, carrying the timeless Roman tile profile with all the added benefits of lightweight steel roofing. Available in 5 colours with a covering capacity of 2.210 tiles per m2. 

Slate & Woodshake

metrotiles slate and woodsnake  metrotile charcoal lightweight tiles


Slate & Woodshake tiles have a traditional slate look, with deep lines pressed into high-grade aluzinc-coated steel for an increased shadow definition. Available in 6 colours with a covering capacity of 2.15 tiles per m2.