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Five Good Reasons to Choose Plastic Guttering

Wednesday, 24th October 2018

uPVC rain gutter

When it comes to protecting a building from the damaging effects of rainwater, it pays to have your mind in the gutter.

Though far from the most aesthetically pleasing feature of a home’s façade, the importance of good guttering and downpipes is without question.

Poor guttering can lead to expensive and difficult to rectify problems that range from random water pooling and mold manifestation, to more serious dangers such as water seeping into the loft and exterior walls and shifts in the soil that can cause cracks in the foundation.

A quality, correctly installed rain gutter will dramatically lower the chances of any of the above happening and can also prevent the roof edge and fascia from deteriorating.

white uPVC gutter installed on roof

Gutter systems come in several different styles, with three of the most common being steel, cast iron and uPVC. While steel and cast iron gutters have their own unique benefits, namely durability and the ability to handle temperature changes well, the qualities of uPVC gutters has seen plastic guttering rise to prominence in recent decades both domestically and commercially.

Plastic guttering is a highly practical guttering solution for both new builds, retrofits and gutter repairs with its low cost and high availability.

In this blog, we will look at why plastic guttering has become the number one choice for collecting drainwater and protecting homes for so many roofers.

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Lightweight and Convenient

Brett Martin gutter system in black

Perhaps the greatest plus point of plastic guttering is its lightweight nature. uPVC gutters weigh a lot less than metal systems, a huge bonus for roofers and builders when moving product around site and up and down ladders/scaffolding.

A lighter product leads not only to a quicker installation, but a safer one too- good news for roofer and client. This lighter load is also good for the carbon footprint of uPVC gutters, as less space and support is needed in transit.

Lightweight plastic guttering also makes DIY far more doable. However, guttering installation should still only be carried out by those experienced and competent enough.

Affordable Roof Guttering

Whether DIY or professionally installed, savings will already have been made by choosing plastic guttering over metal alternatives in the first place. 

In general, uPVC rain gutters are significantly less expensive than cast iron and aluminium despite offering the same level of outstanding protection against rainwater. 

It is partly this affordability that has helped the usage of plastic guttering become so widespread across the UK.

At Roofinglines we offer the lowest prices online on uPVC gutters from specialist plastic manufacturer Brett Martin, guaranteed by our Price Match Promise. Free delivery is available on all orders over £50.

Durable and Low Maintenance

uPVC water resistant guttering

uPVC gutters are made from moulded plastic so are natural very strong. uPVC has a high resistance to wear and tear which is why it is used all over the home, such as on doors and windows.

Plastic guttering also shows less scratches, dents and blemishes on its surface compared to metal, helping it keep its original look for many years. It will not rust over time either, a flaw sometimes thrown at cast iron systems.

One area in which plastic guttering cannot match cast iron and aluminium systems is on longevity, as uPVC house gutters can sometimes become brittle from years of UV light exposure. uPVC is, though, highly resistant to water and will not freeze or corrode over time.

All in all, uPVC gutters should last for several decades if properly taken care of. In terms of maintenance, removing leaves and debris and then hosing down the gutter twice a year should be all that is required.

Greater Flexibility

uPVC ogee rainwater hoppers

The chemical structure of uPVC enables plastic guttering can be made in any size or shape, with roundstyle, squarestyle and deepstyle three of the most common designs. This also means no painting is needed.

As well as shape, uPVC gutters also offer greater variety on colour, allowing homeowners to match their guttering to the exteriors of their property more effectively and creatively.

Brown guttering, grey guttering, black guttering and white guttering are just a few of the options available from Brett Martin at Roofinglines.

Brett Martin manufacturers all of its guttering to resemble the classical look of cast iron gutters- still the preferred choice for many. It combines this popular look with the lightweight qualities and affordability of uPVC.

Widely Available and Easy to Install

Parts of a Brett Martin uPVC gutter system

Another advantage of installing uPVC gutters is the wide, low-cost availability of its parts. Plastic guttering parts and spares are generally a lot easier to get hold of than alternative guttering systems and are typically easier to fit too.

All parts of a uPVC system, including guttering downpipes, corners, gutter brackets and gutter fixings are simple to fit together, simply snapping together at the joints.

Gutters brackets, downpipes, ogee hoppers and every other every part of a complete plastic guttering system are available at Roofinglines for the best prices online guaranteed.

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