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Tuesday, 30th May 2017

GRP fibreglass roofing systems available from Roofinglines

What is GRP?

GRP (Glass reinforced polyester) is a composite material reinforced by fine glass fibres. It is one of the most advanced flat roof systems on the market and has been specially designed for flat roof applications in the UK. It can be applied to small domestic situations right through to large industrial environments.

A ProGRP roof is a wet laid, single ply GRP laminate made up of two layers of catalysed resin sandwiching a layer of chopped strand glass fibre mat. It is applied to a new OSB T&G3 board.

What are the Positives of Having a GRP Roof Installed?

Cold Applied

One of the key installation points in regards to ProGRP is that it's cold applied; giving it a seamless and flexible weatherproof finish that will last as long as the building stands if properly maintained. This means it can be installed any time of the year. The perfect temperature for installation is between 5°C and 35°C.

No heat is required during the installation process, such as a torch, which allows for a safer working environment.


ProGRP flat roof systems come with the choice of two grades of chop strand matting (CSM). This is the textured tissue that sits between the OSB board and the fibreglass laid out across the flat roof. The 450gsm CSM is for areas of occasional foot traffic and the thicker 600gsm CSM is suitable for an area of heavy foot traffic or load bearing (decking, promenade tiles).

When installed, the system itself is very durable and impact resistant. The thicker CSM protects your roof from increased foot traffic which makes the possibility of damage extremely unlikely but not completely out the question. It's also storm proof, frost proof, fire resistant and heat resistant.

ProGRP flat roof installation guide

What Makes it Ideal for my Home?

ProGRP roof systems are ideal for residential applications and are virtually maintenance free once installed. Due to their durability, the level of maintenance you'll need to take out on your GRP flat roof system will be minimal. PROGRP comes with a 25-year manufacturer's guarantee on the materials, but only when installed by a registered tradesmen.

At Roofinglines, we offer a 13m² complete kit which starts at just £184.85+VAT and includes everything your installer will need to complete the job including:

All of the materials required to install GRP successfully can be purchased separately depending on how much is required for your project. If you have any questions, please contact us our friendly team of experts.

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