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Why You Should Consider Roof Shingles

Friday, 13th April 2018

red roof shingles in hexagon design on pitched roof

What are Roof Shingles?

Roof shingles are a type of roof covering for pitched roofs that are laid in an overlapping style in which each successive strip overlaps the next when installed from the bottom edge of the roof up. Shingle roof tiles are often referred to as tile strips.

Roofing shingles normally come in a flat, rectangular shape, although square and horizontal designs are not uncommon. Shingles also vary in the material they are made of. While asphalt, or bitumen as it is more commonly known in Europe, leads the way in the popularity stakes, wood, plastic, slate and metal shingled roofs are popular variants.

Due to their highly visible appearance, roof shingles are an extremely important component of a home’s exterior, meaning they are often manufactured in a large variety of colours.

At Sterlingbuild, we specialise in the sale of bitumen shingles from one of the UK’s longest standing and most trusted manufacturers, IKO, and a high-quality brand firmly on the rise in Apex.

Before we discuss the relative merits of IKO and Apex shingles, let’s take a more general look at why roof shingles are so popular among roofers and DIYers.

What are the Benefits of Roof Shingles?

roof shingles in hexagonal design installed on pitched roof

Modern bitumen shingles are the perfect example of a roof covering which combines an affordable price, an array of colour options and a number of practical benefits into a single, easy-to-install package for both experienced trade professionals and roofing novices. Here are a few reasons for their undying popularity.

Underestimated Life Span

Contrary to the widely held belief that asphalt shingles have a poor shelf life, three-tab and four-tab shingles can often last for a quarter of a century and even longer. The life span of roof shingles has improved significantly over recent years as technological advances have helped the roof tile industry surge forwards.

Quick, Straightforward Installation

Fitting or replacing a roof with bitumen shingles should not cause too many difficulties as long as instructions are followed properly and the right materials are used. Though installation can be completed quicker with shingles than with other materials, regardless of project size, it is essential that standard safety measures are adhered to, especially if working from a height or if you are an inexperienced roofer. The average reshingling job will take one to three days depending on the weather, according to Dr. Roof.

Below is a helpful video from IKO on installaing shingles on a shed roof.


Asphalt roof shingles are a highly durable choice of roof tiling. The best roof shingles will have a SSA fire rating, non-rotting glass fibre base and will be resistant to UV rays. This, of course, is on top of the most essential quality of being highly waterproof. All of our IKO and APEX shingles tick the above boxes and more. It is no fluke that IKO have sat on the top of the roof shingles market on both sides of the Atlantic for a number of years.


Despite being a high-performance roof tile fit for installation on a whole host of roofs, bitumen shingles are a very affordable alternative to slate and concrete tiles, as well as other types of shingles. The cheap price of bitumen tiles makes them an especially smart option for homeowners working to a tight budget. Cheap roof shingles from Apex and IKO sacrifice nothing on aesthetics, giving an appearance remarkably similar to that of a tiled roof once installed, but at a more affordable cost.

Here is what shingles we have on offer from IKO and APEX:

IKO Shingles

IKO Armourglass roof shingles on roof

IKO Armourglass Plus roof shingles come in two different sizes and patterns, with a number of different colours available in the range.

IKO’s square shaped shingles come in packs of 14 which can cover 2m² of your roof surface. Black, brown, green, slate and red shingles are the shades available to choose from, giving you plenty of choice on what you want the exterior of your roof to look like.

The same five colours, with the exception of red, are available in a stylish hexagonal design. Hexagonal shingles come in packs of 21, large enough to cover 3m².

IKO’s asphalt shingles are stronger and longer lasting than felt and perform very well against strong winds. IKO shingles can be applied to new builds and on repair jobs for garages, sheds and garden buildings. Their shingles can be used on domestic or commercial buildings, temporary or permanent.

Apex Shingles

Apex hexagonal roof shingles in grey on roof

As with IKO, Apex bitumen shingles come in both square and hexagonal design with all the same colours available.

Apex shingles are the perfect choice for tradesmen and DIYers, not only because of their low price and attractive appearance, but because they are easy to both transport and install.

Made with a heavy-duty fibreglass base that prevents the chance of rot forming, asphalt shingles from Apex are an equally reliable match for any outdoor building project as IKO shingles.

All Apex shingles come in a 1000mm roll which will cover 3m² of a pitched roof surface. Apex shingles can be delivered to you in as quick as 1 working day.