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What Code Lead Do I Need For My Roofing Job?

Thursday, 21st March 2013

Milled lead flashing

Which Milled Lead do I Need?

This depends on what job you've got planned. Rolled lead sheet is available in various thicknesses, known as codes. Each code is recommended for certain use(s). At Roofinglines we sell codes 3-8, all at very affordable prices and next day delivery.

Once known as milled lead, rolled lead has been produced since the mid-1700s. Nowadays it's still widely used for roofing and weatherproofing jobs, most commonly on dormer windows, flat roofs and chimneys. At Roofinglines milled lead is available in 3 and 6 metre lengths, and in a wide variety of widths to suit the area you're working on.

Why do you Need to Worry About Codes?

British and European Standards (BS EN 12588:2006) specifies thickness tolerances and chemical composition required to produce a consistent micro-structure. The minimal variance in thickness means when you fit lead sheet to a roof, the extent of thermal movement can be accurately predicted and the correct fixing method adopted. This is particularly relevant when considering thermal movement and appropriate design and fixing methods, and gives you peace of mind that the job will be weathertight and not subject to cracking due.

Find Out Which Lead Code you Need

The table below is a general guide for which code you need for your job (Of course, we recommend you talk to an experienced roofer and accept no liability for products bought that are not fit for purpose).

CodeThickness (mm)Weight (kg/m2)Recommended use(s)
 Code 3 1.3214.97Perfect for soakers
 Code 4 1.8020.41Flashings, soakers, pitched valley gutters, dormers and vertical cladding
 Code 5 2.2425.40Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers, flashings, vertical cladding and flat roofs
 Code 6 2.6530.05Flashings, pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
 Code 7 3.1535.72Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs
 Code 8 3.5540.26Pitched and tapered valley gutters, dormers and flat roofs


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