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What Do Roofers Need To Know About Green Roofs?

Monday, 23rd November 2015

We've teamed up with GrufeKit to offer you a fantastic range of green roof kits.

Stay ahead of your competitors and offer your customers something extra special for their new or existing flat roof extensions, office buildings and other flat roofs that would benefit from this low cost, easy to install service. Below, we've listed the most important reasons why you seriously need to offer roof gardens as a part of your professional roofing service.

1. Prompt, Straightforward Delivery

green roof installation

We make green roof kits easy to order; GrufeKit makes delivery a doddle!

There's no need for you arrange transport of your green roofing materials. It's all done for you and your GrufeKit order will be delivered directly to your site in time for you to install. That's one less thing for you to deal with!

2. You'll be Able to Offer Your Customers More

green roof flat roofing system

Homeowners don't want boring, dull views of their flat roof extensions anymore. Homeowners want to see greenery, particularly in built up cities, such as London, where green space is limited. 

Nowadays, people want more from their homes and have the cash to make it happen. In fact, some local authorities are more inclined to giving planning permission if a green roof is included in the plans. Stay ahead of your competitors with this easy to install service.

3. They're Easy to Sell to Your Customers

The Benefits of Green Roofs

sedum roof kit

  • Reduce heating by improving a roof's thermal efficiency 
  • Reduce cooling loads on a building significantly – a concentration of green roofs in an urban area can reduce the city’s average temperatures during summer by mitigating the heat island effect.
  • Create a natural habitat
  • Filter pollutants & carbon dioxide out of the air, helping to lower disease rates such as asthma
  • Improve a building's sound insulation - the growing media helps to block lower frequencies and the plants block higher frequencies.
  • Very little maintenance is needed - the water stored in the substrate and the water retention system is taken up by the plants from where it is returned to the atmosphere 

4. They're Budget Friendly

affordable green roofs

GrufeKit's products are the best value for money green roof tile kits you can get. Not only will they be delivered to your site with everything you need, they are pre-grown and established, so they won't die after you've installed them. Our prices start at just £37.50 for a 1m² roof tile.

5. Finally...Green Roofs are Very Easy to Install

Have you been avoiding offering green roof installation to your customers because you think it's difficult? Think again! They are easy to install - everything you need to provide your customers with a beautiful living roof comes in one easy-to-use kit. GrufeKit green roofs can be laid on any waterproof membrane, including single ply roofing, fibreglass, EPFM rubber, felt and concrete roofs. 

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