Apex is a fast-growing brand within the roofing trade. Shingles, natural slate, breather membranes and TRG resin are just a few of the roofing solutions available at Roofinglines to aid in your roof construction or roof repair.

Bitumen shingles from Apex can be purchased in nine different colours while all of APEX's slate is high quality, natural Spanish slate that will last a lifetime if fitted correctly on your roof.




Breathable Membrane

Breathable Membrane for Roofing

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge

Fibreglass (GRP) Roofing

GRP Roofing | Glassfibre (GRP) Supplies for Flat Roofs

Natural Slate Roof Tiles

Natural Slates: Spanish & Welsh Slate Roof Tiles

Roof Shingles

Roof Shingles: Felt Shingles & Cedar Shingles

Roofing Essentials

Roofing Essentials