Colt Cowls

Colt Cowls are a leading supplier of chimney cowls in the UK, and have been solving chimney problems since 1931. Since then, over 4 million chimney cowls have been sold and successfully installed.

Over this time, Colt Cowls have developed a reputation for supplying high-quality and reliable chimney cowls and birdguards.

Today, the Colt Cowls range is vast, including anti-downdraught cowls, birdguards, revolving cowls, flue pipes, flexible flue liners, and fireside accessories.



Roofing Supplies | Cowls & Birdguards for Chimney Pots


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Chimney Accessories

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Chimney Liner Terminals

Chimney Liner, Flue Liner, UFO & Birdguard Liner Terminals

Chimney Liners

Chimney Liners

Flue Liner Accessories

Flue Liner Accessories

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Flue Pipes

Revolving Anti-Draught Chimney Cowls

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Spark Arrestors

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Static Anti-Draught Chimney Cowls

Roofing Supplies | Static Anti-Draught Chimney Cowls