Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit has 100 years experience and expertise in roofing, and is the UK largest roof systems manufacturer.

Roofinglines is proud to have a close relationship with Marley Eternit, providing roofers with the entire range of Malrye roofing products, at the best prices.

Marley's unrivalled product range includes all types of concrete and clay tiles, stunning handmade roof tiles and fibre cement slate, and much more.

Browse the huge range of Marley roofing supplies below.


Adaptors & Flexipipes

Roof Vents Adaptors & Flexipipes for Roof Ventiliation

Angle Ridges

Angle Ridges | Tile & Slate

Arris Hips

Arris Hips

Bonnet Hips

Wide range of pitched roof Bonnet Hips

Cedral Fixings & Accessories

Cedral Fixings & Accessories

Cedral Trims

Marley Cedral Weatherboard Trims

Cedral Weatherboard

Marley Cedral Lap Classic Weatherboard

Clay Tiles

Roof Tiles | Clay & Handmade Clay Roofing Tiles

Concrete Tiles

Roof Tiles | Marley & Redland Concrete Roofing Tiles

Crested Ridges

Crested Ridges from Marley Eternit

Dry Hip

Dry Hip

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge

Dry Verge

Dry Verge

External & Internal Angles

Left hand, Right hand Internal & External angles

Fibre Cement Ridges

Roof Slate | Fibre Cement Ridges

Fibre Cement Slate

Roof Slate | Fibre Cement Slate


Decorative Clay Finials. Half round & 90-105°.

GRP Valleys, Gutters & Soakers

Roofing Materials | GRP Valleys, Gutters & Soakers

Half Round Ridges

Half Round Ridges | Clay & Concrete

Handmade Tiles

Roof Tiles | Great Quality Handmade Roofing Tiles

Hogs Back Ridges

Clay handmade & machine made Hogs Back Ridges

Interlocking Tile Roof Vents

Interlocking Tile Roof Vents

Modern Ridges & Hips

Modern ridges and hips

Mono Ridges

Concrete Mono Ridges for interlocking tiles

Pascoll Baby Ridges

Marley & Redland Baby Ridges in a range of different colours.

Plain Tile Roof Vents

Plain Tile Roof Vents

Roll Top Ridges

Concrete roll top ridges from Marley Eternit

Segmental Ridges

Concrete Segmental Ridges, block ends and security ridges

Slate Accessories

Roof Slate | Accessories

Slate Fixings

Roof Slate | Fixings

Slate Roof Vents

Roofing Supplies | Roof Vents for Slate | Big Brands

Special Tile Fittings

Special Tile Fittings

Third Round Ridges

Concrete Third Round Ridges with UK delivery

Tile Accessories

Pitched Roofs | Roof Tile Accessories

Tile Fixings

Roof Tile Fixings | Cement & Clay

Universal Vents

Universal Pitched Roof Vents

Valley Tiles

Clay and concrete valley tiles


Half, left hand & right hand verges.