Sandtoft offer a diverse range roofing tiles.

Their natural clay roof tile range is unrivalled. Sandtoft offers traditional plain tiles, through to their ground-breaking large format roofing solutions.

Their slate-appearance roof tiles have a larger format and interlock, whilst being cost-effective and ideal for new builds.

Sandtoft's concrete roof tiles are of high quality and consistency, whilst being aesthetically-pleasing and having long-lasting colour.


Angle Ridges

Angle Ridges | Tile & Slate

Bonnet Hips

Wide range of pitched roof Bonnet Hips

Clay Tiles

Roof Tiles | Clay & Handmade Clay Roofing Tiles

Concrete Tiles

Roof Tiles | Marley & Redland Concrete Roofing Tiles

Dry Hip

Dry Hip

Dry Ridge

Dry Ridge

External & Internal Angles

Left hand, Right hand Internal & External angles

Fibre Cement Slate

Roof Slate | Fibre Cement Slate

Half Round Ridges

Half Round Ridges | Clay & Concrete

Handmade Tiles

Roof Tiles | Great Quality Handmade Roofing Tiles

Valley Tiles

Clay and concrete valley tiles


Half, left hand & right hand verges.