Ubbink (UK) Ltd was founded in the UK in 1976, as part of the Ubbink Centrotherm Group.

They make a huge range of roofing products, including dry fix systems, lead flashing alternatives, and tile and slate roof vents.

We are proud to be Ubbink product suppliers, offering you competitive prices every day.

Ubiflex lead-free flashing is one of the brand's best known products. This easy-to-install waterproof flashing is installed in half the time of traditional lead, and has no scrap value.

Ubbink also offers a range of tile vents that will fit perfectly with Marley roof tiles.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch Ubbink installation videos.

Ubiflex B3 lead free flashing


Adaptors & Flexipipes

Roof Vents Adaptors & Flexipipes for Roof Ventiliation

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Dry Ridge

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Dry Verge

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Flat Roof Vents

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Lead Free Flashing

Lead Free Flashing: Lead Free Alternatives

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