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Price Unticked  £0 - £150 (40)
Price Unticked  £150 - £300 (34)
Price Unticked  £300 - £450 (9)
Price Unticked  £450 - £600 (5)
Price Unticked  £600 - £750 (2)
£ to

Product Type
Untick High span bar (9)
Untick High span cap (9)
Untick High span gable bar (9)
Untick High span wall bar (9)
Untick Low profile bar (9)
Untick Low profile cap (9)
Untick Low profile gable bar (9)
Untick Low profile wall bar (9)
Untick Post & bracket kit (3)
Untick Wall & eaves beam (9)
Untick Wall & eaves beam end cap (6)

Untick 3m (27)
Untick 4.8m (27)
Untick 6m (27)

Untick Brown (30)
Untick RAL colour powder coated (30)
Untick White (30)

Self-Support Glazing Bars

Clear Amber have 20 years' experience in creating innovative products for glazing and construction. They specialise in manufacturing aluminium and plastic extrusions, creating globally unique systems. Clear Amber are competitive in their market, and provide a leading advantage with high-quality, reliable products.

We have a comprehensive selection of accessories, fixings and glazing bars for your corrugated and flat roof sheets. Whether you need a stylish yet secure finish for your conservatory roof or discreet cover from the summer sun in your garden, we have just what you need.

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