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Coping Stones

Our high quality, concrete coping stones are supplied by flat roofing specialist, Castle Composites, a firm with over two decades of experience developing durable and attractive patio, balcony and landscaping solutions.

Made in the UK, coping stones from Castle Composites are available from Roofinglines for next day delivery on certain units. Larger orders of coping stones may qualify for free UK delivery.

What are Coping Stones for?

Coping stones provide a number of benefits to a walling project. Their primary function is to waterproof a wall and prevent any rainwater seeping into a garden wall or parapet.

Coping stones also provide walls with a smooth and flat finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. The durable nature of our wall coping stones will ensure your outdoor wall stands the test of time- whatever the weather.

Made from high strength concrete, wall coping stones give walls protection from structural damage caused by rain, snow or sun exposure.

Though all coping stones carry these weatherproofing qualities, there are two distinct types of coping with different ways of getting rid of unwanted water. These are Once Weathered coping stones and Twice weathered coping stones.

Once Weathered Coping stones- Ideal for Parapets

Once weathered wall coping stones have a single slope on the top of the surface. This allows rainwater to run off the edge of the wall in a particular direction.

As once weathered coping guide rainwater away more precisely than twice weathered coping, they are commonly used on wall parapets in flat roofing projects to transfer water into a building’s guttering.?

Twice weathered Coping Stones- Ideal for Garden Walls

Twice weathered stones are no less effective at removing rainwater. Twice weathered wall coping stones are crafted in the shape of an inverted V with a ridge directly in the middle of the design.

This allows rainwater to run off the top of the wall at both sides, hence their popularity in garden wall applications and balustrading where the final destination of the rainwater is not as important.

What colours and sizes are available?

Our coping stones come in 600mm lengths with a choice of widths to to meet you or your clients walling needs.

Once weathered stones start at 300mm, while twice weathered coping stones begin at 175mm.

To effortlessly complement the rest of your garden landscape, choose from buff or light grey coping stones and pier caps- used to cap piers and gate pillars. Our pier caps are also available in terracotta.

Installing Your Coping Stones

Ensure both the bottom of the coping stone unit and wall is clean before bonding so you’re adhering a clean surface to a clean surface. This can be done with a simple sponge and water.

Using a good quality PU adhesive will expand into the pores of the concrete as well as the units themselves to secure a tight, waterproof bond. PU adhesive is easier to use than mortar and will last longer.

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