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Rubber Roofing (EPDM)

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EPDM rubber roofing is designed to create long-lasting, waterproof flat roofs. Best used on small surface areas, EPDM rubber is ideal for projects such as home extensions, porches, sheds, balconies and garages. 

We stock only the finest EPDM roofing materials from ClassicBond and Firestone RubberCover, including all-in-one EPDM roofing kits that ensure all rubber roofing projects are as durable and weatherproof as possible. 

We also have all your individual epdm roofing supply needs covered with EPDM rubber roof membrane and practical pieces of kit like flashing tape, heavy duty scissors and adhesive all available at low prices.

Both Firestone RubberCover and ClassicBond offer high-performance synthetic EPDM rubber that will protect your structure, whatever the weather.