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Price Unticked  £0 - £700 (15)
Price Unticked  £700 - £1,400 (6)
Price Unticked  £1,400 - £2,100 (5)
Price Unticked  £2,100 - £2,800 (1)
Price Unticked  £2,800 - £3,500 (1)
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Product Type
Untick Flame retardant sheet (2)
Untick Heavy duty sheet (1)
Untick Standard sheet (25)

Untick 15.25m (5)
Untick 30.5m (15)
Untick 61m (2)
Untick 7.62m (3)
Untick Per m² (3)

Untick 1.5m (1)
Untick 12.20m (1)
Untick 15.24m (1)
Untick 1m (1)
Untick 2.54m (2)
Untick 2m (1)
Untick 3.05m (3)
Untick 3.66m (2)
Untick 3.96m (2)
Untick 4.57m (3)
Untick 5.08m (1)
Untick 6.10m (3)
Untick 6.1m (1)
Untick 7.62m (2)
Untick 9.15m (1)
Untick Per m² (3)

Firestone EPDM Rubber Cover

Firestone EPDM is a high-performance rubber membrane that ensures a waterproof and durable solution for a number of different flat roof applications, from garages and carports to balconies and home extensions.

Firestone RubberCover membranes can be purchased in a number of different lengths and widths to suit your project needs. Flashing tape and seaming tape is available to provide your Firestone EPDM roof cover with a watertight seal.  

Our rolls of rubber are environmentally friendly, resistant to fire and easy to install for professionals, benefits that help make Firestone rubber roofing the number one EPDM choice for smaller flat roofing jobs.

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