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Outdoor Tiles & Accessories

Promenade tiles are the roofing industry's number one choice when it comes to creating attractive, weatherproof and durable outdoor surfaces. Our range of outdoor tiles and flat roof tiles include a wide array of materials, textures and colours, all expertly manufactured in the UK.

Ideally suited to roof terraces, balconies and flat roofs, our promenade tiles include paving tiles, concrete and porcelain tiles, all extremely hard-wearing materials that will ensure your walking surface is strong and reliable.

All of our products are lightweight, with the lightest being our EPDM and artificial grass rubber tile options, perfect for balconies, flat roof gardens and outdoor play areas.

Promenade tiles are available at a competitive price at Roofinglines, where you can also find any extras you might need to ensure your outdoor tiles are fitted correctly and fully supported.