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Roof Shingles

Roof shingles are a lightweight, low-cost roof covering solution perfect for professionals and DIYers alike.

Long one of the most popular pitched roofing materials in the US and on the European continent, roof shingles are predominantly used in the UK on shed roofs and other outbuilding projects.

Shed roof shingles are available from Roofinglines in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns to ensure you or your client’s shed roof looks as good as it can for many years.

All of our roof shingles are made from bitumen. Bitumen and felt roof shingles are celebrated for their durability, cost effectiveness and practicality.

Our shingle roof tile collection is split between our own brand APEX roof shingles and those from world renowned roofing systems manufacturer IKO.

Both brands are available for next day delivery at Roofinglines. Larger orders of roof shingles may qualify for free UK delivery.

How do Roof Shingles Work?

One of the biggest attractions of roof shingles is how easy they are to install.

Bitumen roof shingles, and most other shingle materials, are normally flat and laid in courses from the bottom edge of the roof upwards.

Each course overlaps the one before it to create a good looking, watertight covering that will protect the contents under the roof and prolong the life of the shed.

3-tab and 4-tab roof shingles can last for 25 years and longer, especially if used in conjunction with a sanded bitumen underlay.

Basic work tools are needed for installing your felt roof shingles. A hammer, tape measure, Stanley knife, hook blade and galvanised clout nails can be all that’s needed.

To watch how to install IKO shingles on your shed roof, visit either one of our blogs ‘Why You Should Consider Roof Shingle’ or ‘Isn't It Time You Gave Your Shed Roof Some TLC?’.

What Colour and Patterns are available?

APEX and IKO roof shingles come on a choice of decorative patterns for an aesthetically pleasing roof finish.

Traditional square shaped shingles are available from both brands in green, red, slate and grey among other colours. This design is often chosen for its resemblance to plain roof tiles.

Roof shingles with a hexagonal design work the exact same way as square shingles, however they have a more striking honeycomb appearance.

Other benefits of using Roof shingles

There are several other benefits to using shingle roof tiles aside from low cost, durability and attractive appearance.

All of our bitumen singles are highly resistant to wind, meaning the chances of uplift are slim Felt roof shingles are also flexible and lightweight, making them easier to manoeuvre and move around on site.

There is also a long list of possible applications for the use of felt roof shingles. Not only suitable for sheds, bitumen roof shingles can also be used on stables, chalets, garages, garden buildings and as vertical cladding.

Why You Should Consider Roof Shingles