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Shed Kits EPDM

Whether you are building a shed or repairing an old one, our EPDM shed kits contain everything you need to construct a shed roof that is durable, weatherproof and looks good too. EPDM rubber membrane is one of the most reliable and affordable flat roof coverings on the market, especially when purchased through our all-in-one packages that make the perfect garden shed kit for apex-shaped roofs. We have shed kits for sale to accommodate most sizes of roof, while made to measure shed kits can be ordered for non-standard requirements.

Virtually maintenance free, a properly installed EPDM shed roof will not split or crack once laid, ensuring the top of your shed lasts for 50 years.

Shed kits from ClassicBond include EPDM membrane and adhesive. These kits are also suitable for tree houses and log cabins.

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