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Everbuild Lead Mate Patination Oil - 1L

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Product Description

Lead Mate Patination Oil has been specially formulated to provide a protective coating for newly installed lead sheet and flashings. It helps to prevent the white carbonate staining that affects new lead and surrounding tiles, brickwork, stonework etc.


  • The no spill pack means no more spills or drips to clean up, and easier application
  • Works on all newly fitted lead
  • Protects the lead from staining
  • Maintains aesthetically-pleasing finish
  • Improves initial appearance and assists in natural aging of lead
  • Recommended by Lead Sheet Association


  • Just one coat of Patination Oil helps to provide a uniform, attractive appearance to newly installed lead and helps the ageing process whilst the natural patina of the lead is being formed
  • It is particularly important to treat areas of newly installed lead that are subject to water flowing over the surface onto surrounding areas, as staining of tile and brick will be more severe in such circumstances
  • One coat required to resist formation of carbonate runoff
  • Where foot traffic may occur, re-application is recommended

Product Specification

Brand Everbuild
Product Flashings
Product Type Sealants & treatments
Size 1L
Type Lead treatments

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Customer reviews

01 January 2016
Fine, no problem

01 January 2016
Recommended product to use with lead. Good, safe bottle to handle. No issues.

01 January 2016
good product

01 January 2016
Essential for any new lead.

01 January 2016
brilliant product only wished I'd heard of this years ago, no more nasty, unsightly stains on my walls from my lead work

01 January 2016
Great applicator bottle, ensures less wastage.

01 January 2016
as expected

01 January 2016
Always wondered what it is? It is to stop the lead from staining the roof slates with run off water? I didn't use that much but it will come in handy? For the cost it's worth it because once the stain is on the roof covering it will not weather off.. You should let people know that on you product details.

01 January 2016

01 January 2016
Easy to use, applied with soft cloth dried overnight, leaves nice sheen/finish on lead. Will reapply in 12 months to keep the look. For diy use 1 litre bottle is way to much as probably only used a thimble full over 6m x 450mm piece.