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Lead Sheet Cleaner 1000ml

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Product Description

The appearance of lead roofing fades over time. Lead sheet cleaner helps to remove the dirt and grime that builds up over the years, including white deposits and unsightly stains, thus improving the appearance of old lead.


  • Restores, enhances and improves the appearance of lead
  • Removes grime, bird fouling, airbourne pollution and dust
  • Also removes oxide/carbonate patinas
  • Suitable for lead work of any age
  • Unaffected by the pitch of the roof
  • Gel form makes it easy to use
  • Does not damage lead


  • For use as part of a general clean up, or as a pre-treatment when preparing for use of Lead Sheet Restorer
  • Ideal for renovation of old buildings
  • Comes in gel form, remaining in close contact with the lead so it can break down grime and dirt


  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use
  • Cannot remove Patination oil, so this must be removed before use, and re-applied after
  • Apply a fresh coat of Patination Oil after use to maintain the appearance of your lead for longer

Product Specification

Brand ALM
Colour Pale amber
Composition Sodium metasilicate solution
Coverage 5-10m2/l
pH 11.5
Product Type Sealants & treatments
Specific Gravity 1.09 at 20°C
Type Lead treatments

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Customer reviews

15 May 2017
Used to clean lead on wood store and chimney, will recommend to anyone we know cleaning their lead work

01 January 2016
excellent product cleaned up my lead work ready for the application of my Patoil