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Manthorpe Refurb Slate Vent - 600x300mm / 500x250mm - No Spigot

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Product Description

Manthorpe slate vents are unobtrusive, economical roof ventilators providing 10,000mm2/m of air flow per unit.

Manufactured from UV stabilised durable polypropylene, these slate vents have an integrated insect grill and spigot, ideal replacing an existing slate vent.

The Fast Fit Refurb Vents, without the original vent spigot mounting on the base, make retro-fitting into existing surrounding slates easier. It is simply slid between natural or man-made slates already in position with no need to cut battens, also available in a large base format.

Manthorpe also manufacture this vent with a spigot. This is the Manthorpe slate vent - 600mm x 300mm / 500mm x 250mm.


  • Designed to be retro fitted without the need to cut slate battens. It is manufactured as standard for 600 x 300 slates but can be easily trimmed to fit 500 x 250 slates using the pre marked cut lines.
  • Designed to replace a single slate in a roofline, but an addition vent also comes in a large base format for use with random slating.
  • Can be used for high and low level roof ventilation requirements.
  • Can be used as an outlet terminal for extraction fans and soil pipe ventilation when used in conjunction with a Manthorpe GRPA flexible pipe.
  • The hood features a 4mm fly screen to prevent blockage from falling debris and entry of large insects into the roof space.
  • Extensively & independently wind tunnel tested to the following standards: BS 6367 deluge test 225mm/hour rainfall.
  • Driving rain test down to a roof pitch of 15 degrees with an up roof wind speed of 13m/s and a rainfall rate of 200mm/hour to generate a fine penetrative spray.

Product Specification

Brand Manthorpe
Colour Black
Dimensions 300mm x 600mm
Free Airflow 10,000mm²/m
Material Polypropylene
Product Type Hooded
Type Hooded
Usage Slate vent
Weight 0.62kg

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Customer reviews

21 October 2017
The product was ecmxcelent .

01 January 2016
Slate Roof Vents were fitted in my attic to help with reducing condensation. Could be fitted DIY but better to have a competant roofer do the job properly. Quality good, time will tell if they last and do a good job but the signs are promising.

01 January 2016
All good, no negatives.

01 January 2016
Good product, good price.